MEO Proposta - Roero Arneis


Grape variety
Arneis 100%

We grow the Arneis grapes used for this wine in many vineyards that are all located in Monteu Roero. Specifically we grow such grapes in the “Rivetto” and “Santa Margherita” single vineyards, on a surface of 15 ha.

Medium consistency; limestone and sand are predominant.


From 220 to 310 m asl.

Training system
Guyot, with its form modified as a small arch.

During the vegetative cycle, we carry out all the works in the vineyards with great professionalism and respect for the environment and the landscape. Therefore, we avoid weeding and follow the integrated control method against potential diseases. In order to obtain best quality grapes, during summer clusters undergo a thinning process, according to the specific ripening ability of each vine.

In normal vintages, we harvest the grapes for this wine in mid-September.

In the cellar, after the grape pressing process, fermentation starts (without skin contact) in stainless steel containers. Such containers have a capacity of 100 and 200 hectolitres and their temperature is controlled.

After the draining off process, this wine is left for some months in stainless steel containers for ageing.

Bottling of this wine usually takes place in Spring, the year after the harvesting of grapes.

Bottle ageing
After the bottling phase, this wine is left for 2-3 months in laid down bottles. After that, the wine is ready to be put on the market.

The average annual production for this wine is 40,000 bottles.

Organoleptic features
This wine has an intense and limpid straw yellow colour, with golden highlights. Its perfume is floral and fruity: in particular hints of ripe “Golden” apples, hazelnuts and banana can be identified; ethereal perceptions are vivid. The taste of this wine is full, soft, warm and mouth filling.

Good matches
An elegant and well-structured white wine, this Roero Arneis perfectly matches with delicate dishes, in particular with fish or molluscs, vegetables or white meat. It is also good with pasta, especially long pasta with delicate sauces.

The best place for storing this wine is in an underground cellar, with a constant temperature and without any light or noise.