Viglione Antonio & Figli, the production philosophy

Both in the vineyards and in the cellar, everything is done with great care and respect for the environment and the landscape. Most of the work in the vineyards is done manually, both because of the characteristics of the territory (steep hills) and because this increases the quality of the final product. Treatments against vine pests (downy or powdery milldew) are carried out with products that have a low environmental impact and according to the integrated control method.

During harvest time grapes are rigorously selected and brought to the Winery right after picking, where they undergo different processes: during the vinification stage they are softly crushed and pressed; then a careful fermentation process follows, with or without maceration, depending on the final product. Ageing of those wines that are suitable for it takes place in wooden barrels; then all the wines are bottled and, before being put on the market, they undergo a further process of bottle aging for final refinement.